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The BURST Water Flosser Review and BURST Ambassador Promo Code 2023.

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Flossing can sometimes seem dreadful. It's hard to do, it's time consuming and sometimes it even hurts. So whenever I encounter a patient that simply won't floss no matter how many times I've enforced it, I recommend for them to try using a water flosser.

As an Ambassador for BURST I felt like I needed to try BURST's new water flosser even though I had no intention of replacing my BURST expanding floss with it. So after using this hand-held water flosser for a couple of weeks, I feel that it's right for me to share my thoughts on this product. I will start by saying that I had never used a hand-held water flosser before, so these last couple of weeks have taught me quite a bit.

What is a BURST water flosser?

The purpose of a water flosser is to help remove food particles and bacteria by spraying water in between your teeth and around the gums.

I recommend that you use your water flosser by placing the tip of it on the outer end of your last upper right tooth and slowly move it along the gum line until you reach the next tooth. Keep doing this tracing-the-gums motion until you reach your last tooth on the upper left, repeat this on the inner surfaces of your teeth then move on to the bottom arch.

Unlike most other water flossers I recommend to my patients, the BURST water flosser is a hand-held device. This was the first time I ever used water flosser of this kind and I got to admit, I love its practicality. Here are some of the advantages that I found while using a hand-held water flosser:

  • There is no need to have it plugged in to an outlet in order to use it.

  • You're not pulling on a hose like the ones found on counter-top water flossers.

  • You can easily put it away once you're done using it.

That being said, this freedom come with some minor disadvantages... capacity and weight.

  • Being a hand-held device means that you have to carry the weight of all of its components (water, battery, compressor, etc.), which may put a bit of weight to your hand. However I never found myself holding the water flosser long enough to become fatigued by its weight.

  • The other disadvantage is that you'll probably run out of water before you're done water flossing all of your teeth. I had to refill the water reservoir a second time in order to completely finish water flossing all of my teeth.

I also must admit that water flossers can be a messy devices. My sink is not very wide so I found myself splashing water all over the place, but the advantage of being a hand-held device means that you can use it on your shower or bath tub before you bathe, where you'll be free to splash all you like without any guilt.

My honest thoughts on a water flosser.

In my opinion a water flosser does not replace flossing, but it's a great adjunct to flossing. I believe that string floss (if used properly) is capable of removing more plaque from the tooth than a water flosser. That's why I only recommend a water flosser to:

  • Patients who won't floss. Such as teenagers with braces who simply won't use a floss threader to clean all of their teeth properly.

  • Patients who will not do a good job at flossing. Such as people with dexterity problems who have difficulty holding the floss

  • Patients with periodontal involvement, as they can certainly benefit from the extra removal of plaque in addition to string flossing.

That being said, if you are in the market for a water flosser consider trying out the BURST water flosser which comes in 3 different colors, Black, White and Rose Gold.

The White and Black versions can be purchased for $69.99, but if you use my BURST Ambassador Promo Code: NDYTYX you will be able to purchase it for just $49.99.

The Rose Gold version can be purchased for just $59.99 when you use the previously mentioned coupon code. This version is only cosmetically different and offers no other advantages over its black and white counterparts.

I'll definitely be recommending this BURST water flosser to my patients. If you're interested, Check out our reviews on other great BURST products like the BURST sonic toothbrush, BURST coconut whitening strips and BURST expanding floss.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on the BURST water flosser. If you enjoyed this review and the discount code, we would appreciate it if you shared this review with your friends and family on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. It only takes a minute of your time and it helps us out a lot. Thanks!


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