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BURST Expanding Floss Review Save on the Floss Starter Pack with my BURST Ambassador Promo Code 2023

For the last two weeks I've been trying out BURST's new expanding floss. After using this floss on a daily basis to clean my teeth I've gather enough info to post an adequate review on this new floss. So today, I'll share with you my thoughts and opinion on BURST's expanding floss.

What is a BURST Ambassador Promo Code?

As an Ambassador for BURST, I'm allowed to give my subscribers a discount on the BURST Floss via my BURST Floss Promo Code: QWKTSN

This will allow you to buy the Starter Pack for just $10 (which normally retails for $12.99). I really hope this discount will allow you to try this awesome floss for yourself, so don't forget to add this BURST coupon before you checkout or simply CLICK HERE to have the Promo Code applied automatically.

What makes the BURST Expanding Floss so Awesome!?

The Fresh Flavor: The Mint Eucalyptus flavor on this floss is just perfect! No matter how affordable and effective a floss may be, if the flavor is not right (or it has no flavor) I personally won't use it. In my opinion, BURST did this just right- the flavor tastes amazing and feels fresh!

Its Expanding Technology: What this simply means is that the floss will expand/grow from its initial size as you're using it in between your teeth. The whole purpose of this is that as the floss expands, it will cover more surface area and is able to remove more gunk from your pearly whites. I find this to be one of my favorite features of the floss because I feel that it increases the cleaning capability when flossing. It's also worth pointing out that the texture of this floss is great at scrubbing off plaque from your teeth.

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Unique Black Color: It's black for the plaque! The idea behind the color is that it allows you to see the plaque being removed from your teeth. This is a motivational factor and it may help you realize the importance of flossing your teeth daily when you see just how much gunk you're removing from your precious pearly whites.

Charcoal Coated Filaments: As you may already know from all the trending charcoal products over the internet, charcoal will help whiten your teeth by removing stains so there is no doubt that the addition of charcoal to this floss is a good idea. I personally have very little stains and white teeth (not trying to brag here... *cough*) so I wasn't the best parameter to test how effective this charcoal floss is at whitening.

Environmentally Friendly!: Who doesn't want to help mother earth? I believe BURST feels that by you owning a non-disposable dispenser you only need to worry about receiving floss bobbins and not throwing out any disposable plastic floss containers. Which in theory it should help mother earth become less polluted with plastic. My only concern is that those floss bobbins that arrive in the mail come wrapped with lots of protective plastic wrapping so I'm not sure how true this environmentally friendly statement really is, but this leads to my next point ↓

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This is a BURST floss bobbin replacement

Convenience: No need to worry about running out of floss, if you decide to keep your floss subscription when you buy your starter pack you will receive a replacement floss bobbin in the mail every 90 days. This removes the annoyance of ordering it online or going out to the store to buy (forget) it.

My last comments on the BURST's Expanding Floss:

BURST did a great job at listening to the feedback on this floss from their Ambassadors and they did a perfect job designing this floss. The effectiveness and convenience are some of the things that I like the most about this floss. I believe the floss has the traits that we dental professionals look for when purchasing floss, so there is no doubt that I'll be recommending this floss to all of my patients. If you are interested check out our reviews on other great BURST products like the BURST sonic toothbrush, BURST water flosser or the BURST coconut whitening strips.

I hope you enjoyed this BURST Expanding Floss review and the $3 off BURST Ambassador Promo Code! If you did, I would really appreciate it if you shared my review with the world and follow us on Instagram! Smile on.


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