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Reach Mint Waxed Floss Review! My favorite dental floss.

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Ever since I started diligently flossing I've been using Reach Mint Waxed floss that was recommended to me by my dental hygienist at that time. Over the years of using this floss and working as a dental hygienist I've come to realize that although there are a lot of floss out there, not all of them are the same. Today I'll be sharing with all my subscribers what makes Reach Mint Waxed my favorite floss.

What is Reach Mint Waxed floss?

Reach Mint Waxed floss is a dental floss by Johnson and Johnson. It's made out of a ton of nylon multi-filaments. And as you probably guessed these filaments are coated with mint flavored wax, you can also get this floss without the mint flavor.

What makes Reach Mint Waxed my favorite floss?

Let's start with effectiveness. In my opinion, this is the most important property of a dental floss. After all why would you want to spend all that time flossing and not do a thorough job? The grit of this floss is what makes this cleaning thoroughness possible. You will feel this "grit" if you slide your fingers through a piece of floss. From my experience this grit provides more friction when flossing the sides of your teeth using the "C-shape" technique, allowing you to remove more plaque than brands that have a slippery/smooth texture.

Resistant to shredding. There is nothing more annoying than having floss shred and get stuck in between your teeth when you're using it. This floss certainly holds up better than most others I've used, but it's not invincible. I have some tight contacts on some of my back teeth and it rarely shreds or gets stuck. However, If you have very tight contacts this might not be the best floss for you as I've had it shred on me when using it on patients with very tight contacts.

The Cost, this floss is affordable. You can get yourself a pack of four 200-yard containers for $16-17 dollars on Amazon. That's about 2 cents per yard!

It's Availability. You can find this floss practically anywhere. It's available at most of your pharmacies, big-chain retail stores and of course Amazon.

My final thoughts on Reach Mint Waxed floss:

Overall I think Reach Mint Waxed floss is an effective and affordable floss. Although I've tried several other flosses that also do a good job cleaning, I always come back to using Reach Mint Waxed due to it's affordability. I'll continue to recommend this floss to all my patients on a daily basis.

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