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Nimbus Toothbrush Review! My favorite manual soft toothbrush.

Several of my patients do not like using electric toothbrushes. Some of them believe that they can do a better job with a manual brush and there are others that don't like the "jackhammer" vibrations of the electric toothbrushes.

Although I believe that most patients can benefit from using an electric toothbrush, I'm well aware that not every single one of them will make the switch. For these patients I recommend using a soft toothbrush and discourage them from using a medium or hard toothbrushes since these may cause recession, especially if they are brushing aggressively.

So every time they ask me "which regular brush do you recommend?" I tell them that my personal favorite manual toothbrush is the Nimbus Toothbrush. You can buy the Nimbus toothbrush on Amazon through my affiliate link if you CLICK HERE.

The Nimbus brush has a two-level bristle technology, in simple words it has 2 layers of bristles.

-The longer tapered bristles are very soft, these allow you to brush near the gum line and reduce the risk of recession (when the gum pulls away from the tooth and exposes the root surface).

-The inner short support bristles are still soft, but not as soft as the longer tapered bristles. I find these to be more effective at removing food and plaque from the chewing surfaces of the teeth, and I recommend that my patients make sure that these shorter bristles are touching the tooth's chewing surface when brushing. I believe that having this two-level bristle technology is helpful because it allows more surface area to be cleaned while brushing.

The Nimbus toothbrush comes in 3 different sizes Regular, Compact and Nimby.

-The Regular brush is just your standard size toothbrush head, this is the I personally use. I think the size is right for most adults, but if you have a smaller mouth you can consider getting the Compact brush.

-The Compact brush works best for teenagers who have a smaller mouth. You should give the compact brush a try if you like a smaller brush head.

-Finally the Nimby is the smallest brush head of them all. This brush head is targeted towards small children, but it's not small enough to fit in a baby's mouth. I personally think this is a good brush for kids of 2 years of age to kids of 6 years of age.

Overall the NIMBUS toothbrush is a great brush head to use on a daily basis, but remember to replace your brush every 3 months. Old brushes will fray and reduce their cleaning effectiveness and they also harvest a good amount of bacteria in between all those bristles.

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