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BURST Toothbrush Review! $30 discount with this BURST Toothbrush Promo Code / Coupon Code 2023.

As a registered dental hygienist and BURST Ambassador I want to inform everyone who is interested in keeping their pearly whites bright and shinny, all the while improving their oral health care with the BURST Toothbrush and give you a BURST toothbrush promo code so you can save quite a bit on your next purchase!

What is a BURST Toothbrush?

Well, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years then you've probably seen someone talk about the BURST toothbrush on social media. The BURST toothbrush seems to be the most reviewed electric toothbrush as far as I can tell, so if you want to know what all the hype is about then you have come to the right place!

Let me start by mentioning that the BURST toothbrush is a SONIC vibrating toothbrush, it has several features (which I'll discus later) and it offers a convenient brush-head subscription program. The cost of the BURST sonic toothbrush is also relatively low compared to most other sonic toothbrushes. This is one of the main reasons why I recommend it to several of my patients who are in the market for a sonic toothbrush.

What is a BURST Toothbrush Promo Code / BURST Toothbrush Coupon Code?

Being a BURST Ambassador allows me to provide you with a special coupon code that will save you $30 on your BURST toothbrush purchase! Simply use the BURST promo code QWKTSN before you checkout or CLICK HERE to have the discount applied automatically. This will bring down the price of the brush from $69.99 to $39.99 for the Black or White version or from $99.99 to $69.99 for the Rose Gold version! For this price one of these brushes is sure to find a way to your home!

What makes the BURST Sonic Toothbrush so unique?

To start, it has a Rose Gold version! Rose gold seems to be very popular right now and without a doubt the makers of this brush also made it available in this stunning color! The Rose Gold brush functions exactly the same as the White or Black versions, but unlike its counterparts it comes with a color matching case, just check out the picture below.

The BURST toothbrush is armed with about 33,000 sonic vibrations to help remove the plaque that accumulates on your pearly whites. You should know that these sonic vibrations can cause some tickling around the gums at first, but after a few days of using the brush this sensation should no longer be a concern. Consider trying all the 3 brushing modes (Whitening, Sensitive, and Massage) to see which mode causes less tickling when you first start (check out the clip below to see how these brushing modes look and sound like). Personally, I found that it was the whitening mode that cause most of the tickles for me, so I started out with the sensitive mode until I was desensitized to the tickling and was able to use the whitening mode. All of these modes provide a good cleaning, so choose which ever mode is most desirable to you.

The BURST toothbrush has soft bristles which are coated with binchotan charcoal. The purpose of the charcoal is to help remove stains from the outer surface of your teeth, making them look more white and shinny. But in all honestly I'm not sure how true this is since my teeth never had stains to begin with.

Because these bristles are very soft, it decreases the worry of brushing away your gums, which is a major concern in dentistry now. Another aspect of the brush head on the BURST toothbrush that I love is that the bristles are slimmer at the tip which is ideal for cleaning the tight spaces between your teeth and gums. This should allow for a deeper cleaning, possibly reducing the amount of plaque that remains on the tooth surface.

Like many other sonic toothbrushes it has a built-in quad interval timer. This is a two minute timer that lets you know when it is time to move to a different quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds. A quadrant or "quad" is consider a "fourth" of the mouth, for example all of the chewing, cheek, and tongue surfaces of the lower right part of your mouth are consider areas to be brushed for that quadrant. This quad-alert can be noticed every 30 seconds, when the brush stops its sonic vibrations for a fraction of a second and it's great at ensuring that you're brushing all quadrants of your mouth for an even amount of time.

Here is a clip of the brushing modes in the following order: Whitening, Sensitive & Massage!

The battery that it comes with is capable of lasting up to 2 weeks. I took the BURST brush on a nearly 2 week vacation, using it twice a day and it still had battery left by the time I got back home. This is good news for those of you who do not like having the charger out by the sink, since you will be able to charge much less frequently.

The BURST brush is very light compared to many other electric toothbrushes of its kind. I initially did not like feather weight since it made it feel of a lesser quality compared to my previous sonic toothbrush, but over time I learned to like it and found it much more easy on my hand while I was brushing.

The BURST toothbrush has an optional 3 month subscription program. If activated you will receive a new brush head to your door every 12 weeks (3 months) for the price of $7 for the black and white brush heads.

You should consider having this subscription active so you know when it's time to change your brush head and most importantly because as long as this subscription is active our friends at will provide your brush with a life time warranty and replace your it for free if for any reason it stops working properly or does not work at all.

In conclusion, the BURST toothbrush is an effective and affordable sonic toothbrush with nice features and a convenient subscription program. And for these reasons I recommend it to every single one of my patients and to you as well! Check out our reviews on other great BURST products like the BURST expanding floss, BURST coconut whitening strips and BURST water flosser.

I hope you enjoyed my BURST Toothbrush Review and the $30 off BURST coupon code. If you did I would really appreciate it if you shared my review with the world on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Smile on! =)

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