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The new BURST Kids Sonic Toothbrush Review! Save $20 with my BURST Promo Code / Coupon Code 2023!

Today BURST has released their BURST kids sonic toothbrush to the public and I want to share my thoughts on this stupendous kid's electric toothbrush with you.

Being an Ambassador for BURST allowed me to receive our toothbrush a bit earlier, and with the help of my 6 year old niece and 3 year old nephew, we got to test it out for a few days and gather some good details on this brush.

What is the BURST kids sonic toothbrush?

Just like the standard BURST sonic toothbrush, the BURST kids toothbrush is also a sonic vibrating toothbrush and offers a convenient brush-head replacement subscription. The brush's price ($69.99) is the same as the "Adult" version, but you can purchase it for a reduced price if you use my BURST Ambassador Promo Code: QWKTSN

What is a BURST Promo Code / Coupon Code?

As an Ambassador for BURST I'm allowed to share with you a special discount code which will allow you to save $20 on the kid's toothbrush version. Simply use BURST coupon code: QWKTSN at before you checkout and you will be able to purchase the brush for just $49.99!

So... why do we like the BURST kids toothbrush?

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We feel like the brush has all the good features and qualities that a kid's electric toothbrush should have and these are:

Two brushing modes: The Standard mode which we believe is the most effective at removing those sugar bugs and the Sensitive mode which we recommend for those who have sensitive teeth and gums or if the standard mode is too ticklish.

To set the mode simply press the button once to set it to standard, press it a second time to change it to sensitive and a third time to turn off the brush completely.

A compact brush-head: The size of the brush is just right for most kids over the age of 2. It is relatively small at about 2/3 of an inch, but in my opinion not small enough for kids under the age of two. Our 3 year old tester had no issue placing the entire brush head in his entire mouth.

Very soft bristles: The brush's bristles are infused with charcoal and tapered allowing the end of the bristles to feel very smooth. In fact, they are sooo smooth that I believe this may contribute to the slight tickling our 6 year old tester felt around the palatal area while brushing. However, soft bristles are always the best option because they can help prevent gum recession that can lead to other dental concerns in the future.

Kid-friendly Colors: The brush comes in 3 different colors. Purple, Blue and Pink. These are all cool colors, but we (my niece) do wish they provided a Green version.

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Touch/Feel: The feel of this brush is very smooth, but non-slippery which definitely makes quality of the brush feel very premium in comparison to the standard version.

A cute brush stand and charger: Not that you need to charge the brush every day since (according to BURST) the battery will last approximately 3 weeks, but placing the brush on the charger and out on the counter can be a visual reminder for your child to brush their teeth.

A convenient brush-head replacement subscription: If you sign up for this subscription, you'll be able to receive a color matching replacement brush-head straight to your home every 12 weeks. I strongly recommend that you give this a try, because replacing the brush head when its time will allow your brush's bristles to effectively remove the sugar bugs!

Last but not least, the brush comes with a built-in quad interval timer which divides the 2 minute brushing timer into four 30 second intervals. The purpose of these intervals is to allow equal brushing of all the four different sections (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right) of the mouth, by alerting your child to switch to a different section when the brush briefly stops vibrating. This is a neat feature, but I found it very difficult for my testers to rotate to a different section of the mouth, but hope that with practice they will improve.

I hope that if you are looking for a new toothbrush for your child, you give the new BURST kids sonic toothbrush a try. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so if your child doesn't like it you can always return it. And if they do enjoy their brush then remember that you have a lifetime warranty on the brush as long as you have an active brush-head subscription.

I'll definitely be recommending the BURST kid's sonic toothbrush to my patients with toddlers. If you're interested, Check out our reviews on other great BURST products like the BURST sonic toothbrush, BURST coconut whitening strips, BURST water flosser and BURST expanding floss.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope your child enjoys this electric toothbrush and aids in keeping their pearly white a little cleaner. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. If you enjoyed our reviews and tips subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram. It only takes 1 minute of your time and it helps us out a lot. Thanks!


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