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SmartMouth Oral Rinse Review. Our favorite mouth rinse!

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Bad breath is a common issue among many people. Sometimes even if you brush and floss your teeth it may not be enough to completely prevent and/or get rid of bad breath. If you're looking for something extra to help with bad breath then a mouth rinse may be a good option for you.

Today we want to talk to you about the SmartMouth oral rinse which has been our favorite and only mouth rinse for the last couple of years. Simply because it has done the best job at reducing and preventing bad breath than any other product we have tried.

The SmartMouth mouth rinse comes in a very unique bottle that has two chambers. When you first use it, you'll have to remove the green foil seal located at the top of these chambers.

-One chamber contains a "Sulfur eliminating" agent that helps get rid of any existing bad breath in your mouth.

-The other chamber contains a "Zinc Rich Solution" that helps prevent bad breath for up to 12 hours.

When you're ready to rinse, simultaneously pour an equal amount of both of these solutions until you reach the line on the cup. Then proceed to rinse and gargle for 30 seconds and spit out.

You should only mix these solutions together when you're completely ready to use it. This is because once mixed, they react with each other and activate, but only remain active for a certain period of time.

The taste of the this mouth rinse is... unique. It does have a slightly minty taste, but its hard to describe the full taste of it.

Unlike many other oral rinses, you can actually rinse without having the burning feeling in your mouth. This makes it easy to follow the crucial 30 second rinse recommendation.

It is important to know that once the seal at the top of the chambers has been removed you should always keep the bottle straight up. This means don't take it in a travel bag where it is unlikely to remain straight up. Trust us! The solution WILL leak out of the container and stain your belongings...

We use SmartMouth oral rinse before going to bed to help prevent morning breath and it has done an amazing job at doing this. We have also recommended SmartMouth to several of our patients who have complained of having bad breath and most of them have also had great results. Therefore we feel confident that this may also work for you! The only downside to this mouth wash is that it's not commonly found at most stores and the price of it is usually more than many other mouth rinses, but it sure is worth it!

To further help you prevent and reduce bad breath, please consider checking out our blog on 5 tips to help reduce bad breath.

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