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The Colgate Hum Toothbrush Review! Save $14 with this Colgate Discount Code.

I recently found out about the Colgate HUM electric toothbrush and decided to give it a try. I became interested in this "smart" toothbrush because you're able to link the brush to an app on your phone that can help you improve on your brushing effectiveness.

After 2 weeks of using this toothbrush I've decided to share my thoughts and provide you with an affiliated Colgate discount code: 8QU3LM which will save you $14 (over 23%) on your hum toothbrush starter kit when you purchase it from (NOT the website).

What is the hum toothbrush?

The HUM toothbrush is an electric toothbrush made by a reputable dental company, Colgate.

What makes this brush different than other toothbrushes we have reviewed is that you're able to link it (via Bluetooth) to the hum by Colgate app on your phone. Doing so will assist the user in brushing all of the surfaces of your teeth. At the end of your brushing session the app will provide you with a score (1-100%) based on how many surfaces of your teeth were brushed and whether or not you spent a sufficient amount of time brushing these surfaces, so brushing really fast would not necessarily give you a better score.

The app will also keep tract of your previous scores and how many times per day you brushed, better yet it will reward you smile points every time you use the app. You can redeem these smile points for Colgate products, including new brush heads for your hum toothbrush or a whole new hum toothbrush if you manage to get 6,999 points!

In order to receive at least a point your brushing session must last at a minimum of 30 seconds and you must have brushed at least 50% of all surfaces of your teeth.

I think the app is a great way to motivate and incentivize the user to brush their teeth since it not only "guides" you to brush all of the surfaces of your teeth, but also rewards you every time you use it. However I found that after a week of using the app, I gave up on taking out my phone and opening the app every single time I would have to brush my teeth... I'm not saying everyone will be the same way, but I do believe some of us will become "too lazy" to do this every single time. Nevertheless I encourage you to give the app a try.

The brush itself is nice looking. It comes in 3 different pastel-like colors: blue, green and purple. It's very light weight, has soft bristles and most importantly it provides a good teeth cleaning.

What I like the most about the brush are the soft bristles. I believe this is very important because brushing with a hard bristle toothbrush may cause gum recession, especially when using an electric toothbrush.

As a bonus the brush comes with a travel case. This is a very convenient accessory to have when taking your brush on a trip/vacation.

Colgate claims that the brush battery will last for about 10 days, however I was only able to get 8 days of battery life after a full charge. So I suggest charging your brush on a specific day of the week (e.i. Sunday night) so you never run out of battery at a random time. Other than that the brush lived up to my expectations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope this toothbrush (and the app) helps brush your teeth a little better. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. If you enjoyed our reviews and tips subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram. It only takes 1 minute of your time and it helps us out a lot. Thanks!


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