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Rinse your mouth with water after having acidic food or drinks.

If you like eating oranges, drinking lemonade or snacking on anything else that is acidic throughout the day, you should consider rinsing your mouth with water for about 30 seconds after you're done.

Acidic foods and drinks can be harmful for your teeth because they can cause acid erosion. Acid erosion is when your tooth's most outer layer (the enamel) starts to wear away. The acid slowly removes the minerals such as calcium and phosphate from this protective layer of the tooth, weakening it and exposing the second layer of the tooth (the dentin). This can cause a few issues, the most notable being sensitivity to hot, cold or sweets and increased risk for tooth decay.

Rinsing with water will help protect your enamel by decreasing the acidic environment in your mouth, therefore lowering the risk of losing this valuable layer of the tooth. You should know that drinks such as coffee and wine are also capable of causing acid erosion, so do not forget to rinse your mouth with water next time you are do ne having any of these popular drinks too.

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