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What is Tooth Remineralization?

On a previous blog, we talked about tooth decay being the process in which the tooth begins to lose minerals and eventually turns into a cavity. You have probably wondered if there is anything that can reverse this mineral losing process. The answer to that is yes, and this is known as tooth remineralization.

What is Tooth remineralization?

Tooth remineralization is the process where the outer layer of the tooth (known as the enamel) begins to "repair itself". According to PubMed Central, it does this by gathering minerals such as calcium and phosphate from your saliva (also drinks and foods that have these minerals, such as milk, yogurt and other dairy products) and attaching them onto the enamel layer of the tooth.

Both of these minerals work together to form a compound mineral called Hydroxyapatite, which helps rebuild the lost enamel and prevent tooth decay. This enamel repairing process happens in our mouths every day and it really comes down to how much tooth mineral loss vs how much remineralization that will determine whether or not your tooth we will get a cavity.

It's important to understand that tooth remineralization only happens when tooth decay is small. Once a tooth has acquired a good sized cavity it has gone past the point where remineralization can be beneficial, therefore it is important to brush and floss daily and visit your dentist twice a year so that they can clean your teeth and apply a fluoride treatment, which can reduce the chances of getting tooth decay!

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